Friday The 13th Statuses Are Most Popular On Facebook

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Status updates about Friday the 13th are going up roughly once every second as of this writing.

And that’s just a tally of posts set for public visibility — quite possibly the real volume runs much higher when privately shared statuses and comments are included.

The posts lean toward the tongue-in-cheek and outright humorous far more than anything else. We’ve yet to observe any genuinely suspicious postings on the subject.

That said, a fair number of posts are commercial in nature, such as sales specials tied to Friday the 13th, which is interesting given that many a marketer would rather invoke Monday’s Martin Luther King Junior holiday than a date previously associated with bad luck. Marketers are wise to the way that the news feed tends to favor posts that invoke an occasion.

Friday the 13th posts group at the top of the news feed for anyone who’s clicked on anything having to do with the phenomenon.

Readers, how many Friday the 13th status updates do you see grouped at the top of your news feed?