Facebook Acquisition Face.com Will No Longer Support APIs, Shuts Klik App

By David Cohen 

Following its acquisition by Facebook last month, Israeli-based facial recognition site Face.com is shuttering its own products, including its application-programming interfaces and Klik iPhone application, to focus on the social network.

A note on the Face.com homepage reads:

Face.com has been acquired by Facebook, and, as part of this process, we need to close up existing products and services so we can focus on new products at Facebook.

We’re working with Face.com developers to transition as we wind down support for our APIs — for more information please click here.

If you use the Klik app, the app has been removed from the iOS app store, and we have more details here on how you can download your data before the app is shut down.

Sister blog Inside Facebook pointed out that at the time of its acquisition by Facebook, Face.com said it intended to support the developer community that used its APIs, but there was apparently a change in plans.

Readers: What types of projects do you think the Face.com team will work on at Facebook?