F8: No Internet Connection? Parse Local Datastore Has Your Apps Covered

By David Cohen 

ParseLocalDatastore650Applications that work offline? Why not? Parse announced the launch of Parse Local Datastore — a new feature in its software-development kit that allows developers to add a few lines of code to their apps so that they can function without Internet connections — at Facebook’s F8 global developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday.

Parse said in a blog post by Software Engineer Grantland Chew announcing the feature:

How many times have you opened an app and stared at a loading screen for minutes, only to be confronted with the dreaded, “No Internet connection?” Most mobile apps are simply clients that display data straight from a server, losing all functionality without an Internet connection. How great would it be, though, if an app worked regardless of bad reception or lack of connectivity?

To make taking your app offline easier, we’re excited to announce Parse Local Datastore.

Parse Local Datastore is a new feature in the Parse Android SDK that lets you to take your app offline with just a few simple lines of code.

Chew added that an iOS version of Parse Local Datastore is “coming soon.”

Readers: What do you think of Parse Local Datastore?