The Eyes Have It: Facebook Touts Success of New Right-Hand-Side Ads

By David Cohen 

NewRightHandSideAdsRollout650Facebook’s redesigned right-hand-side ads, which it began rolling out in June, are drawing more eyeballs for longer periods of time, according to an eye-tracking test conducted for the social network by global market-research agency Millward Brown.

Facebook said in a Facebook for Business post that the new format for its right-hand-side ads delivered the following results compared with the previous design, according to Millward Brown:

  • 29 percent more effective at attracting views (noticing the ad).
  • 50 percent more effective at driving dwell time (total period of time spent looking at the ad).
  • 46 percent more effective at driving reading behavior (eyes locked on an ad, moving left to right, top to bottom).

The social network said in announcing the results:

For people, the new right-hand-column ads offer a higher-quality, more visually appealing experience. For advertisers, the new ads provide a larger creative canvas and the ability to use the same images used in News Feed ads.

Like News Feed — which remains the most valuable space on Facebook and the place where people spend most of their time — the right-hand side delivers strong performance for marketers while also offering a better experience for the people who use Facebook. We’re encouraged by these positive results, and are committed to building more products that increase value for people and advertisers alike.

Facebook also shared the following testimonials from advertisers:

TellApart CEO Josh McFarland:

The larger right-hand-column format has enabled us to build more engaging ad experiences. Across several leading retailers, we’ve seen a lift to click-through conversions of over 100 percent since switching to the new ad format.

Dafiti (Brazilian fashion ecommerce company) marketing director Gabriel Porto Barbosa:

With Facebook’s new right-hand-column ads, our marketing message is more appealing: We have a bigger space to communicate more information and really showcase what we are offering. As a result of the right-hand-column improvement, we’ve seen better business results. Our ROI (return on investment) is 52 percent higher compared to the old right-hand column, and our conversion rate is 70 percent higher.

Readers: What do you think of the new format for right-hand-side ads?