Explore London 2012 On Facebook Hub Launches In Preparation For 2012 Summer Olympics

By David Cohen 

With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London set to begin July 27 and run through Aug. 12, Facebook created a portal page, Explore London 2012 on Facebook, which provides links to the Facebook pages of Olympic athletes, teams, and sports.

Reporting from a press event in London Monday morning, TechCrunch said that once the Games are under way, Explore London 2012 on Facebook will also include athletes’ status updates, photos, and medal wins, as well as historical photographs and other information about notable events.

Facebook Director of Platform Partnerships Christian Hernandez noted at the event that Explore London 2012 on Facebook will follow the Olympics’ lead in terms of a “clean venue” in terms of advertising, saying:

We will not be running ads against these pages.

Vice President and Managing Director for Europe, the Mideast, and Africa Joanna Shields added, as quoted by TechCrunch:

We will follow the athletes’ stories for the next 17 days. It’s that discovery through friends that makes things interesting and makes you want to click on media. We want to bring discovery to the Olympics.

These are stories that were not headline-worthy and may not have reached the public, but the real stories from the athletes themselves are the interesting ones.

International Olympic Committee Director of Communications Mark Adams told TechCrunch that other social networks will host portals dedicated to the 2012 London Games, including Google Plus, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Instagram, Sina Weibo, and Youku, adding:

You really can’t ignore Facebook.

You can now take pictures in stadiums and share them, but videos in stadiums are still not allowed because of the agreements with broadcasters. We have to respect those contracts. We’ve freed up still photography and are working with the rest at the moment.

Readers: Will Facebook and other social networks be a part of your consumption of the 2012 London Olympics?