Kuhcoon Launches Social Media Marketing Dashboard

By Tim Sohn 

Kuhcoon Dashboard Statistics

Social media tech firm Kuhcoon, based in Philadelphia, Pa., has launched a beta version of its online dashboard that helps businesses manage their social media accounts.

The social media marketing dashboard provides businesses with real-time recommendations on when and what types of content they should be posting to get the best user engagement.

Features of the platform include:

• Tools to schedule posts ahead of time;
• A notification system that alerts businesses in real time when their posts are commented on, retweeted, mentioned. Sent posts are stored, and the dashboard shows all social interactions;
• A database of fans who engage often; and
• Engagement, demographics, and publishing analytics.

The Kuhcoon platform also provides businesses with social media news and educational content from a variety of sources.

“While using many of the tools currently on the market we felt that there was a massive need for simplicity and innovation. Our tool provides a unique experience for every user, taking the data from their individual social accounts and providing them with helpful insights, tips, and tricks to improve their social media strategy. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive social marketing platform with a beautiful interface that makes managing your social media strategy fun and easy,” said Andrew Torba, CEO of Kuhcoon.

Kuhcoon was launched in October 2011 by co-founders Torba and Charles Szymanski.

Businesses interested in trying out the Kuhcoon social media marketing dashboard can go to Kuhcoon.com to sign up. Beta users receive one month of free access to a basic account. The cost post-beta is yet to be determined by the company.

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