Everyone Dislikes Ads… But Social Media And Mobile Users Hate Them The Most

By Bilal Hameed Comment

advertising-hate Social Media and mobile users hate ads the most, according to a new survey by Yahoo and The Nielsen Company. Mobile users were most likely to dislike ads with 63% of mobile device users disliking ads as compared to the 15% that liked them, whereas 44% of social media users disliked ads as compared to 19% that liked them. In addition to this, Mobile ads are 50% more likely to cause negative feelings than website ads.

The survey also found that users cared a lot about the informative value of an ad, its relevance and simplicity. One the other hand, users didn’t bother much about the graphical content of the ad, such as its multimedia elements.

One thing that is pretty evident from the findings is that, people in general don’t like ads. However, they are comfortable with ads that provide them with information, are relevant and dont interrupt their normal on-going activity. If data from both studies i.e. User attitudes towards ads in selected formats and features that are important to advertising are correlated (see stats below), it would become pretty obvious that mobile and social media platforms are doing a really bad job at targeting the right users, and serving the right ads.

Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn now enable advertisers to target users on the basis of their gender, age, location and a host of other features. However, if I were at Facebook, I would pay a lot of attention towards the fact that the users are seeing the ads that they might want to see, or if the advertisers are just using their profile details to sell them all kinds of crappy deals. One way to ensure this would be to stop advertisers from serving ads about things activities that the user has not participated in.