Get Shoppers To Share More On Facebook: Evershare

By David Cohen Comment

Social commerce solutions provider Sociable Labs announced the rollout of EverShare, an all-in-one solution that allows online retailers to take advantage of frictionless sharing initiatives on Facebook, including open graph, timeline, and ticker.

The company cited the rise of socially curated sites such as Pinterest and as the motivation behind developing EverShare for retailers.

Sociable Labs said components of EverShare include:

  • Connector: This links third-party sites to Facebook’s frictionless application-programming interfaces, as well as initiating and managing the flow of user content from those sites to Facebook’s timeline and ticker.
  • ShareSwitch: prominently displays privacy status and user controls directly on the sharing applications, allowing users to opt in, opt out, hide shared content, or delete shared content.
  • Gallery: A social merchandising page that displays trending products and what users’ friends and other Facebook users are saying about those products.
  • Activity Stream: Shopper activities are displayed in list or hero formats to personalize and socialize retail sites.
  • Activity Alerts: Facebook users are notified of friends’ activities and purchases via Facebook notifications.

Chief Executive Officer Nisan Gabbay said:

There’s a real convergence happening in the retail space. Facebook has widened the user sharing pipeline, and social curation has captivated the interest of shoppers for discovering and sharing new products. The two together will have a profound impact on how retailers merchandise their products in the future.