Evernote Partners with Moleskine on a ‘Smart’ Paper Notebook

By Devon Glenn 

Nothing beats the simplicity of a Moleskine notebook and a ballpoint pen for jotting down notes when you’re out in the world. But sometimes life requires more organization than that. Evernote has just partnered with Moleskine on a physical notebook that works with the app to organize and store your notes.

Using the Evernote iOS application, you can take a picture of a page  from your notebook with your phone and upload it into the system, making your doodles more official and much easier to search.

The Moleskine notebooks will come with special paper (ruled or graph paper) that’s easier for the app to read. Evernote has also updated its Page Camera functionality to automatically remove the shadows and improve the contrast.

In the back of the notebook, there will also be “smart” stickers that you can use to tag your writing. (Who doesn’t love stickers?) Evernote will use the stickers to assign the notes to whichever folders you have designated in your settings.

The prices are higher than the average retail cost of a Moleskine notebook, but not unreasonable, and the notebooks won’t be available until October 1. You can pre-order them here.