ESCAPE: Top 5 Twitter Users to Follow for Your Midday Work Break

By katy Comment

For those of us bringing our lunch to work these days — or standing in line with our smartphones waiting to buy our lunch — Twitter lets us spend a few minutes indulging in the thoughts of other people. Of course, Twitter is a great go-to social media mecca throughout your workday, but when you feel like you’ve earned a chunk of internet procrastination time, here are 5 great Twitter users that will really let you escape for a few minutes.

1. National Public Radio. NPR might sound just as boring as your work day, but this media mecca actually posts a range of news, culture, arts, and music features every day. Follow @NPR or one of its specific accounts like @nprnews for the chance to hear a voice other than your boss’s for a little while. And this set-up means you can give your tired eyes a rest for a while — all you have to do is read a short tweet, plug in your headphones, and let a soothing radio voice deliver you your news.

2. Mugglenet. Whether you grew up with Harry Potter or discovered J.K. Rowling’s magical universe as an adult, Harry Potter definitely represents an escape into a fantasy world. Mugglenet is the best web site around for all things Harry Potter, and its well-functioning Twitter account (@MuggleNet) will add a little magic into your day. After all, what could be more relaxing than reading the Recipe of the Week tweet for Dark Mark Cupcakes?

3. Expedia. Sometimes you need a more literal escape from work…or at least one on the horizon. Following @Expedia will give you daily ideas about how you can make travel a reality. Whether you need tips on how to make destinations affordable or just inspiration for where to go (“Viva Mexico! Celebrate 200 years of independence in Mexico’s vibrant cities & resorts. Choose from 17 festive locales.“), Expedia’s tweets will provide followers with something to daydream about through the rest of the workday and rush hour traffic on your way home.

4. The Huffington Post. Following The Huffington Post’s tweets isn’t exactly relaxing, but if you just want something to pique your interest during the midday slump, their account is a necessity. @HuffingtonPost has a strong knack for catchy headlines, and if you’re at all bored, their tweets will get you excited to click on something, whether it’s “Stephen Colbert Gives Martha Stewart Cooking Lessons (VIDEO)” or “PHOTOS: 8 Oddest Hotels In Europe.

5. TMZ. Go ahead and come to terms with it: celebrity gossip is addictive. Sometimes an escape into the shallow world of fame, fortune, and entertainment is the perfect antidote to a morning of corporate culture or mundane tasks. Following @TMZ will give you access to fabulous tweets like “” Dog Whisperer ” Cesar Millan is not an alcoholic’s best friend — not even close … according to allegations …” and “Now that he’s divorcing and back on the market , Miley Cyrus ‘ pops Billy Ray Cyrus is once again unleashing his…” If that doesn’t make you want to click, I don’t know what will.

Who do you check out on Twitter during your work breaks?