Entenmann’s, Likeable Media Apologize for Not-So-Sweet #notguilty Tweet

By David Cohen Comment

Even if you make sweet treats to eat, it’s important to think before you tweet. Baked goods maker Entenmann’s learned that lesson the hard way this week.

Twitter users who saw a tweet with the hashtag #notguilty Tuesday would most likely assume the content was related to the verdict in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. And in the case of a tweet from Entenmann’s, they would have been dead wrong.

Social media marketing firm Likeable Media accepted responsibility for the tweet, which read, “Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!” apologizing profusely, as did the baker.

The statements from Likeable Media CEO Dave Kerpen and Entenmann’s:

Earlier (Tuesday), a representative from my team tweeted, “Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!” from the @Entenmanns account, one of Likeable’s clients. The Entenmann’s brand relies on us for our expertise in social media and, unfortunately, we let them down. We apologized on behalf of the Entenmann’s brand right away. However, as the leader of Entenmann’s social media agency, I would like to personally say I’m sorry if the tweet offended anyone. The truth is, our team was leveraging the trending topics and moving so fast that they neglected to see what the hashtag was related to. It was obviously insensitive, and, on behalf of the entire Likeable team and our client, Entenmann’s, I’m sorry. Please know that I am working on refining our process to ensure that this does not happen again.

While this was clearly a mistake, it’s important to not only say sorry, but to leave the situation better than it was before. To that end, I’ll be increasing the pro-bono work we do for nonprofit organizations in need. As always, I remain available for questions, comments, and your thoughts here and on Twitter.

Update: Here is a statement from Entenmann’s:

We are saddened and disappointed that an outside agency handling our social media posted a comment on Twitter associating the Entenmann’s brand with the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. This tweet does not reflect the values of our company, our associates, or the Entenmann’s brand. We have taken immediate steps to make sure the individuals that created this post will not work on our account again. Additionally, we are taking steps to ensure that future tweets reflect our company’s values. We sincerely apologize for this incident.