Facebook Open Graph Gives Endomondo Workout

By David Cohen 

Workout application Endomondo has been lifting things up and putting them down at a rapid rate since upgrading for timeline with Facebook’s open graph in March, with traffic from the social network jumping 75 percent and 150 percent more workouts shared via Facebook.

Endomondo allows users to track their workouts and share them with friends, and it covers disciplines including running, biking, cycling, and hiking.

A spotlight post on the Facebook developer blog recognized the use of action verb tracked by the app, as well as its aggregations of last workout and top sports, and it offered further details:

Endomondo uses single sign-on for Android and iOS to streamline the registration process, so that a user does not need to create a new user name and password.

Endomondo uses location (GeoPoints on the workout object) to display workout routes, which appear as rich maps on a user’s timeline. The app also calculates and shows workout metrics — including total distance, average speed, and calories burnt — to create more interesting stories.

Endomondo associates a sport object — such as running, biking, cycling, and hiking — with each workout, allowing them to determine a user’s last workout and top sports.

Endomondo complements its mobile app with a desktop Web app where users can analyze their own workout statistics.

Through the Endomondo activity feed, users can find friends who recently joined and follow their workouts, which starts conversations and encourages sharing.