Where Can Facebook Users Complete Missions, Earn Vees To Spend On Digital Goods? Empire Avenue

By David Cohen 

EmpireAvenueBanner650Users of Facebook and other social networks who complete their “Missions” by sharing content can use their rewards — digital social currency units called “Vees” — to purchase digital music, movies, and eBooks following the launch Friday of a new marketplace from social currency platform Empire Avenue.

Brands or individuals can also purchase Vees and create Missions to give Empire Avenue members who are users of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Foursquare, YouTube, WordPress, or Tumblr incentive to share their content through activities such as writing reviews, watching YouTube videos, or sharing infographics.

Empire Avenue members who complete Missions can then exchange the Vees they earn for digital music, movies, and eBooks that can be downloaded to their computers or mobile devices.

Empire Avenue Co-Founder and CEO Duleepa Wijayawardhana said in a release announcing the debut of the marketplace:

We’ve created the equivalent of airline miles and credit-card reward points for social media. Empire Avenue was built on the premise that people should be able to capitalize on the value of their reputation, relationships, and social media skills. So by allowing people to exchange points that can be used to buy digital goods, we’re just rewarding people for being themselves.

Eaves (Empire Avenue’s original social game currency) are all about access to people and networks. They are still the key to measuring and exchanging social value. Vees, however, offer a concrete way for Empire Avenue members to profit from everyday social media activity. People can earn Vees for doing things they already do on social media sites.

Readers: Are you intrigued by Empire Avenue and its new marketplace?