Highlights And Lowlights Of Facebook’s New Pages

By David Cohen 

FacebookForBusinessPageNewLayoutApps650Facebook announced a redesigned layout for its pages for desktop Monday, and page administrators are receiving wait-list invites, but the new look has already been rolled out to some pages, and the feedback is both positive and negative.

AgoraPulse Co-Founder Emeric Ernoult was able to access the new layout via the page of one of his company’s clients, Animali tienda especializada para mascotas, and he shared his observations in a blog post (see screenshot below, as well).

The good points of the redesign, according to Ernoult:

  • Applications are visible both via the “more” drop-down button and a module in the left-hand column.
  • Posts can still be pinned.
  • Page posts are 511 pixels wide, up from 410, so content is more visible, particularly pinned posts.
  • Posts and reviews from fans are still visible.

The bad points, according to Ernoult:

  • Apps appear under the page header, forcing users to scroll down in order to locate them.
  • A list of pages that are similar to the page users are on is automatically displayed after users like the page they are on, pushing all content further down.
  • The like button is in a less visible spot.
  • Pages that rely on like gates are not refreshing automatically after likes by users.

It should be noted that Facebook is constantly making tweaks and improvements, and issues such as those highlighted by Ernoult are one of the reasons why the social network rolls out new designs and features in stages, and not across its entire user base simultaneously.

Readers: Do any of your pages have the new layout? What are your thoughts?