Facebook: Embedded Posts Available To All Users

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s embedded posts, which were introduced at the end of July for select media pages, are now available to all users, the social network announced Wednesday.

Embedded posts allow users to add public posts from Facebook to other destinations on the Web, such as blogs and websites, with those posts including photos, videos, hashtags, and other content. Readers can also like and share directly via embedded posts.

When the social network announced embedded posts July 31, the feature was initially available only to CNN, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, People, and Mashable.

Based on feedback from those five test sites, Facebook made the following changes to embedded posts:

  • The width was reduced to make the posts fit smaller screens and enhance Facebook users’ mobile experiences.
  • Videos can now play directly on websites or blogs.
  • Posts can now be embedded directly from third-party websites.

Facebook offered more details on the new features in a post on its developer blog, as well as revealing that the feature is now supported by an updated version of its plugin for WordPress.

Readers: Will you begin using embedded posts?