REPORT: Facebook To Account For 12.9 Percent Of Mobile Internet Ad Revenues In 2013

By David Cohen 

According to the latest report from eMarketer, Facebook will go from no mobile Internet ad revenues whatsoever in 2011 to a 12.9 percent share of the market in 2013, with the digital marketing analysts pegging the social network’s total for the year at more than $2 billion.

Facebook still trails Google by a wide margin, as eMarketer projected that Google will tally $8.85 billion in mobile Internet ad revenues for 2013, nearly double the $4.61 billion it took in last year.

eMarketer’s projected total for Facebook in 2013 represents a leap of more than 333 percent from its 2012 total of nearly $500 million.

eMarketer concluded:

Combined, three companies — Google, Facebook, and Twitter — account for a consolidating share of mobile advertising revenues worldwide, as other players, such as YP, Pandora, Apple, and Millennial Media, see their shares decrease, despite maintaining relatively strong businesses growing at rapid rates.

While both Google and Facebook are increasing revenues at faster rates than the overall digital ad spend market, dramatic increases in ad revenues are more difficult for companies with such high earnings. Twitter will post the fastest growth rate in worldwide ad revenues among the companies eMarketer analyzed, with a 102.2 percent increase expected this year after a 106.7 percent increase in 2012. That’s compared with 12.3 percent growth in total digital ad spending projected for 2013, and 20.4 percent growth estimated for 2012.

Overall, eMarketer’s forecast for digital ad revenues at select major publishers indicates that online ad spending, like mobile advertising, continues to consolidate among a few major ad sellers. In 2011, eMarketer estimates, 55.59 percent of all digital ad revenues worldwide went to companies in the “other” category. By the end of this year, their share will drop to 52.28 percent. However, with plenty of room for growth in the worldwide mobile market, eMarketer continues to believe there is space for other players to emerge and potentially gain significant share.

Readers: Are you surprised that Facebook was able to go from no mobile Internet ad revenues whatsoever to a projected 12.9 percent of the market in such a short time?

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