Facebook, Apple Add Egg Freezing to Benefits

By David Cohen 

FertilityClinicCentrifuge650Technology companies are known for their employee perks and benefits, and a new addition joined the offerings at both Facebook and Apple, as spokespeople for both companies told NBC News they will now pay for female employees to freeze their eggs.

Egg freezing allows women to store fertile eggs until they are ready to undergo pregnancy, and NBC News reported that the costs are typically about $10,000 per round, as well as $500 or more per year for storage.

According to NBC News, Apple covers the costs under its fertility benefit, and Facebook under its surrogacy benefit, both up to $20,000.

San Francisco-based fertility specialist Philip Chenette told NBC News the addition of this employee benefit could help Facebook and Apple compete for female talent in their industries, and patient forum Eggsurance founder and egg-freezing advocate Brigitte Adams told NBC News:

Having a high-powered career and children is still a very hard thing to do.

Readers: Are you surprised at this addition to Facebook’s list of employee benefits?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.