Facebook Users Can Edit Past Comments

By David Cohen 

Facebook users now have (or will soon) the ability to edit their comments at any time, rather than the grace period of a few seconds the social network previously allowed. However, in order to prevent instances of revisionist history (“I never said that!”), Facebook will indicate when comments have been edited, and clicking on the edited link will bring up an edit history.

The social network added an entry to its help center titled, “How do I delete or edit a comment I posted?”:

To delete a comment:

  1. Hover over the comment and click.
  2. Click delete.
  3. Click confirm.

To edit a comment:

  1. Hover over the comment and click.
  2. Click edit.
  3. Edit your comment.
  4. Press enter or return to post your updated comment, or the esc to cancel.

When you edit a comment, you’ll see a note under your comment showing the time it was edited. Anyone who can see your comment can see this and click on the edited link to see what was changed.

Facebook began rolling the feature out Thursday night, and all users should have it within the next few days.

Readers: Is this a feature you wish had been rolled out a long time ago?