News From The Facebook Ecosystem: Shift, Teckler, Brand Networks

By David Cohen 

Social marketing platform Shift released its Shift Media Manager social advertising application platform Thursday, while Teckler, a knowledge community for independent creators, launched its global social media site, which is integrated with Facebook, and Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Brand Networks announced that it raised $68 million in growth financing.

Shift Media Manager offers brands marketing on Facebook and Twitter features including:

  • Collaborative worksheets with Google Docs-style auto-saving and sharing.
  • Real-time messaging.
  • The ability to grant viewing and editing permissions by team member and vendor to protect proprietary data.
  • Real-time action alerts, calling out compelling content and recommending the use of paid advertising.
  • Notifications on campaign performance and spending.
  • The ability to simultaneously create multiple campaigns.
  • File sharing and task management.
  • One dashboard to manage all Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

Teckler said its newly launched global social media site allows individual users to create up to five distinct profiles, and to earn up to 70 percent of ad revenue, based on page views generated by their content.

Teckler is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, allowing content creators to leverage their existing presences on those social networks, and Founder and CEO Claudio Gandelman said:

Teckler is the next step for the Web. On Internet 1.0, the majority of the services were free, but with Internet 2.0, companies started to monetize content generated by users. Teckler is the arrival of Internet 3.0, where the users who generate content make money.

After six months of development, we are launching in 164 countries with 13 different languages, which means we can reach more than 4 billion people. We are shifting publishing paradigms by empowering ordinary people with the ability to become opinion makers, regardless of their tech expertise or socioeconomic status. We are democratizing online opinion-sharing and all the profit it generates.

Companies that know how to use Teckler intelligently have an extraordinary tool at hand. A food company, for example, can write recipes, publish them on Teckler, and link to its website. This is a whole new world, and anyone who knows how to use it well will have opportunities that did not exist before.

And social software solutions and digital marketing services provider Brand Networks announced that it raised $68 million in growth financing as a minority investment from AEA Investors, which it will use to accelerate product development, sales growth, and global expansion.

AEA Investors said it will provide Brand Networks with additional capital going forward as needed, and two of its partners will join Brand Networks’ board of directors.

Brand Networks also announced the launch of its Social Marketing Stack, which is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks, and offers functions for marketers including content publishing, applications, ads, and insights.

Ecosystem image courtesy of Shutterstock.