From Peeps To Bunnies: 10 Fun Easter Videos

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Happy Easter!  ‘Tis the season to hunt for colorful eggs, eat delicious candy and celebrate springtime and life and we’ve put together a collection of videos to celebrate.  From Easter eggs to baby chicks, bunnies and more, these videos are sure to put a smile on your face this Easter Sunday.

Germany Tree Has Thousands Of Easter Eggs

A father and daughter in Germany decorated a tree with thousands of Easter eggs this year.  The video is in German, but it is still definitely worth watching—these eggs are absolutely beautiful!  I wonder how much time it took them to put the whole thing together.  Amazing.

Easter Eggs!

Here’s a JibJab Easter greeting brought to you by DaneBoe, creator of The Annoying Orange.

Peep Microwave Disaster

Here’s another great Easter video from DaneBoe, featuring one of the world’s favorite Easter candies—Peeps!  Have you ever put a Peep in the microwave?  If you have…is this what happened?

Pit Bull & Chicks – HAPPY EASTER!!!

Baby chicks are one of the most adorable symbols of Easter, symbolizing life.  Here’s an adorable video of a bunch of baby chicks hanging out with a pit bull.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Have you dyed your Easter eggs yet this year?  If not, why not go natural.  This great Curbly tutorial shows you how to dye eggs using cabbages, beets and other natural means, rather than the usual artificial stuff.

Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICIAL PARODY VIDEO) – Sunday

These days, no video compilation is complete without a Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ spoof.  This parody that turns Friday into Easter Sunday has gotten over 2.7 million views since it was uploaded earlier this month.

Baby Chick Falling Asleep

If you thought the baby chicks in the video with the pit bull were cute, just wait until you see this video of a baby chick falling asleep.

Bunny Attack!

Be careful where you eat your chocolate bunny!

Darius the world’s largest bunny rabbit

Darius is the world’s biggest bunny rabbit.  He measures 4 feet 2 inches and he eats up to a dozen carrots a day.  Do you think he could be the Easter Bunny? – The Hop

Finally, here at Social Times we wanted to wish you an extra special “Hoppy” Holiday with this customizable JibJab video.  You can click here to make your own, starring up to five of your friends, or check out the other JibJab Easter greetings.

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