EA Mobile Launches Bejeweled, Dead Space and Monopoly for Kindle Fire

By Kenna McHugh 

Just in time for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, EA Mobile rolled out six of its most popular titles for the Amazon Appstore for Android. Each game has been optimized for Kindle Fire to offer incredible gameplay and mind-blowing graphics.

“EA is proud to be part of Kindle Fire,” said Bernard Kim of Electronic Arts. “On Kindle Fire, we’re offering some of the world’s most popular titles with incredible gameplay and breathtaking graphics that anyone can play and enjoy anytime, anywhere.”

Exactly like its movies and TV shows, music, books, and magazines, Kindle Fire offers a fully-integrated Android apps and games experience. Users can purchase or register for an app or games once, enjoy it on their Kindle Fire and other Android-based devices. Plus, all apps and games are backed up in the Amazon Cloud for re-download anytime.

Users can get a “paid” app for free every day, and once they have downloaded an app from the Amazon Appstore, it’s available on Kindle Fire as well as your other Android-based devices.

EA Mobile titles now available for download include:

• Bejeweled 2
• Tetris
• Dead Space

Before the year ends, EA Mobile reports it will release more games to the Amazon Appstore to give users a chance to play even more titles on Android devices.