Dungeon Rampage Brings Facebook Friends Together To Slay Minions And Monsters

By Justin Lafferty 

If you’re slicing, hacking, and zapping your way through a series of deadly dungeons, you’re probably going to want some help from friends. That’s what Rebel Entertainment — makers of newly launched Facebook game Dungeon Rampage — figured, too. The game launched in beta in December, attracting more than 3 million gamers. Now that the full game of Dungeon Rampage is out there, Rebel is excited to see how players all over the world will get together to defeat the evil Lord Dinglepus.

The minds behind Dungeon Rampage wanted their game to be different from countless others on the Facebook platform. Whereas many other games allow users to interact with friends via challenges and gifts, Dungeon Rampage is a multi-player game. Users can join friends on their quests to slay minions and play together in real time.

Rebel Entertainment notes that since the game launched in beta in December, more than 3 million people have played it on the Facebook platform, accounting for more than 6.7 million hours of game play. Facebook gamers have battled together through more than 29 million dungeons; defeated more than 2 billion monsters, minions, and bosses; and gained more than 29 million treasure chests stocked with weapons and other useful goodies.

Dungeon Rampage officially launched Wednesday for the Facebook platform, DungeonRampage.com, and browser-based game site Kongregate. Players can access the game through any of these three choices and still connect with friends they have on Dungeon Rampage, creating a consistent experience.

According to sister site AppData, Dungeon Rampage has 90,000 daily active users and 860,000 monthly active users.

Rebel Entertainment General Manager Mike Goslin spoke with AllFacebook, describing what sets Dungeon Rampage apart:

I think it’s a little bit of a new development for Facebook games, because typically, Facebook games did not sort of act in this way, in terms of creating a persistent world. This comes from our background of doing massively multiplayer online games. We found that you can develop a community around a game in a world by keeping it active, by pushing content and helping them connect with each other, because what really gets people sticking around for a long time is the community — feeling like they’re part of something. Facebook doesn’t do a particularly good job of making you feel like you’re part of a community outside of your friends who are actively on your friends list, so we’re bridging that gap.

Dungeon Rampage, leading up to the official launch, also held several contests through Facebook, such as prizes for the players who can kill the most enemies or collect the most gold coins in 24 hours. The game also held promotions centered around holidays and major events such as the Olympic Games.

Goslin told AllFacebook that Rebel Entertainment is continuing to find ways to improve the experience on the Facebook platform, such as looking into a subscription model for the most hardcore gamers.

Within the game, users can choose a variety of characters — everything from a strong-armed berserker to a sushi chef who can make food from enemies as he chops them up. The combatants are put through a journey through the Dungeon Games, led by the evil rich king, Lord Dinglepus. Players can team up to win the games and overthrow Lord Dinglepus.

Readers: Have you played Dungeon Rampage? What do you think of it?