Drunk Nate Silver Takes Off as Twitter Meme

By Cameron Scott 

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Nate Silver, not, that we know of, drunk

We reported yesterday that social networks were abuzz with New York Times blogger Nate Silver’s success predicting the outcome of the presidential election. Today, the meme has morphed into a #drunkNateSilver (or drunk Nate Silver) predicting — well pretty much everything.

Twitter users are also bemused by the appearance of some promoted tweets from the New York Times alongside their searches for #drunkNateSilver.

The company “purchased many terms related to Times political coverage including some very general terms related to Nate and the FiveThirtyEight blog” as “part of a social media marketing campaign … to help drive engagement with our election 2012 coverage,” according to spokeswoman Eileen Murphy.

Here are some of the tweets:

One user is calling for a game of “One Degree of Drunk Nate Silver separation.”