Dreamstime’s Noelle Federico On How She Uses Facebook As Part Of The Hiring Process

By David Cohen 

Posts containing advice on what to do and what not to do on Facebook when looking for jobs have been abundant, but rather than relying on generalities, AllFacebook spoke with Dreamstime Chief Financial Officer Noelle Federico to get her take on exactly what she looks for.

Dreamstime is a provider of stock photography, and many of the positions Federico helps fill involve customer service, which is important because these potential hires can become the main point of contact for her company’s clients.

Federico discussed using social media to find out what applicants at Dreamstime are really like:

When we go to hire somebody, one of the first things I’ll do is investigate their social media. We don’t want to see somebody holding their middle finger up with a fifth of scotch in their hand.

What are they posting? What are people saying in response to what they’re posting? Are they always having something negative to say? Are they picking on people? Are they complaining about stuff? You can tell a lot of things by someone’s social media posts.

Are they involved in charities? What kind of music are they listening to? What kind of movies are they watching? What kind of books are they reading?

Most of our customer-service personnel’s interaction with customers is via email. Their English needs to be correct.

What’s their demeanor as a person? The customer call center is very challenging. We have to make sure the people we staff in our call center are the most positive people we can find. Everyone’s going to have their moments, but we don’t want to have a dark person, or an introvert.

Who are you really? I know who you’re saying you are to my face, and on the phone, and who your résumé says you are, but who are you really?

Readers: Have you either used Facebook as part of your vetting process when hiring people or had your Facebook profiles used when companies were thinking of hiring you?

Image courtesy of Dreamstime.