The Donald To Facebook’s Zuckerberg: Consider A Pre-Nup


By Julie D. Andrews 

Oh, silly Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times financial columnist and co-host of CNBC program “Squawk Box.” Today, on Trump Tuesday, he wanted to discuss Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan’s recent $2 billion loss. While Donald Trump entertained that topic for a bit, he soon enough got to his chosen topic: Facebook.

According to Business Insider’s Silicon Alley Insider, the conversation went like this:


Here’s my question…I was thinking about Facebook and do I put some money into Facebook? You tell me he’s [Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg] got a girlfriend [Priscilla Chan]: Does he marry his girlfriend, and if he does, does he get a pre-nup? You’ve been talking about the banks, and that’s so boring compared to this.


Let’s go to the pre-nup. Would you like to advise Mark on this?


I’ll be one of the great professionals and advise him. So he’s got this lovely girlfriend, I’m sure she’s lovely, and they get married, and then for some reason, over the next couple of years, they get divorced, and then she sues him for $10 billion. And she’s hits the jackpot like nobody, because in New York, she would get a big chunk of what he has. I could see the lawyers and the lawsuit right now. Without her brilliant decision-making, he would have never come through. She advised him, she made dinner for him, she’s entitled to at least $10 billion.

What would Trump give? $1 million.

Co-Host Becky Quick:

The next question, how much should he spend on an engagement ring?


The good news about that — that’s irrelevant.


If he wants to have kids, I would understand the getting married, but why would you get married at 28?


Some people like getting married. Some people like … they like the security.


I would see no rush whatsoever. (After saying he got married at age 43) I was waiting for everything to come together.

Readers: Is The Donald right, or should he keep his nose out of it?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.