Social Media Newsfeed: DOMA Overturned | New LinkedIn Features | Pinterest Copycats

By Donya Blaze 

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DomaSCOTUS-150x150.jpgDOMA’s Demise Celebrated by Apple, Other Top Tech Firms (AllThingsD)
In a pair of 5-4 decisions, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled in favor of same-sex couples in two major cases, effectively allowing federal benefits for gay couples and clearing the way for same-sex marriages in the state of California. Among progressive Silicon Valley tech companies, the reaction was incredibly positive. SocialTimes “I’m proud that our country is moving in the right direction, and I’m happy for so many of my friends and their families. #PrideConnectsUs,” Mark Zuckerberg posted on the social network he started. SocialTimes Google is showing its support for the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage with a rainbow doodle, but users won’t find it on the homepage. Type the phrase “gay marriage” into the search bar and watch what happens. Mashable On Twitter, celebrities weighed in on the ruling, many with virtual rainbow flags waving. Techcrunch As social media explodes in celebration over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, it’s important to look back at how the Internet built the momentum for this historic occasion.

iOS 7 Includes New Head Gestures to Control Your iPhone (VentureBeat)
Apple’s iOS 7 beta includes new head gestures that enable users to control their iPhones by moving their heads left or right. The gestures are buried in Apple’s accessibility settings, and are currently only intended, it appears, for use by people who cannot access iPhone’s on-screen controls. 9 to 5 Mac We’ve tested this ourselves and found it to be quite accurate, but it’s quite tedious to control your device this way since it cycles through all of the options on the screen and you move your head when it is bordering around the option you want. CNet For iOS 7, Apple said it dramatically redesigned the look and feel of the user interface. Everything has been revamped, the company said, including icons, buttons, and color schemes. Mashable The next generation of Apple devices may include a fingerprint scanner. Rumored to be included in the upcoming iPhone 5S, the scanner would add an extra layer of security to the iPhone.

LinkedIn Now Shows You Who Has Viewed Your Updates (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn has put a new spin on its controversial “who has viewed your profile” feature. Now, members of the professional networking site will also be able to see who among their connections, and their second and third-degree connections, are actually reading their status updates, liking them and making comments. Mashable Called “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” and “You Recently Visited,” the features “are intended to provide you with more personalized insights on your activities and engagement across LinkedIn,” company product lead Caroline Gaffney said in a blog post.

Today’s Phones and Tablets Will Die Out Like the PC (MIT Technology Review)
Mobile computing — the cell phone in your pocket or the tablet in your purse — has been a great bridging technology, connecting the familiar past to a formative future. But mobile is not the destination. In many ways, mobile devices belong more to the dying PC model than to the real future of computing.

14 Pinterest Copycats for Visual Inspiration (Mashable)
If you’re tired of the same old cliched indie wedding photos on Pinterest and want something tailored to specific interests, it’s time to branch out. Many Pinterest alternatives also feature the now-iconic grid layout, social interaction and aggregation that makes Pinterest so appealing.

Facebook, Twitter Hugely Important In SEO Ranking, Reveals Study [INFOGRAPHIC] (AllTwitter)
Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about the quality of your backlinks, right? Wrong. Not any more. At least, not wholly, as an updated study from those good people at Searchmetrics has revealed just how important social media signals are to a strong SEO ranking. AllTwitter Check out this infographic to find out what top brands, like Etsy and Paramount Pictures, are doing to drive sales through Twitter.

Twitter Is Testing Ways to Replay Live Events, But Can It Separate Signal From Noise? (GigaOm)
The social network that’s now used by about one in five Americans is at its best during a live news event. But, once you miss it, good luck replaying Twitter the next day. So Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said the company is testing out different ways to help you filter the best moments from live events, to highlight the best content on the platform, or to help you replay certain moments.

The Top 10 Reasons People ‘Like’ Brands on Facebook [Report] (SocialTimes)
Facebook users are just as selective about connecting with brands as they are with their friends. In its “The Value of a Facebook Fan 2013 report,” New York-based social marketing company Syncapse revealed that the number one reason people liked a major consumer brand was that they already owned or used its product in the real world.

Love Crossword Puzzles? Add This One to Your List of Addictive Mobile Games This Summer (AllThingsD)
Aimed at lovers of crossword puzzles, CrossMyWord injects a little fun and creativity by letting players design their own crossword puzzles, choose their own words and come up with their own hints for opponents. Puzzles can be pegged to themes, or composed of private jokes between friends and partners.