Do We Need ‘Facebook Not on a List’ Tool?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Facebook users can now choose to view “Friends Not on a List” as part of Facebook’s Friend Lists interface. The new function allows users to double-check to see if all their friends are assigned to a list. The content can be hidden or made visible. Such as, the function allows users to see all of their sensitive family or professional contacts, and to know if they have been added to a list from which they hide their photos or status updates.

An interesting point to this new function is that Facebook has stated in the past that only 5% of users take advantage of Friend Lists. So, will users take advance of this new tool?

Even though most users have never made any friend lists, the feature is not easily seen or found on Facebook. Users need to go to “Edit Friends” option in the Account drop-down menu. Then, one has to methodically categorize each friend. Depending on your numbers, that is laborious chore with lots of kinks.

According to Inside Facebook, “Friends Not on a List” is the first noteworthy change to the Friend Lists editor in six months. However, the redesign profile allows users to display “Feature Friends”.

Another way to look at the reason for the new feature is it may be an indication of Facebook’s perseverance to getting the friends feature to correctly function, and there is more to come in the near future. Or, it may be the start of a major overhaul or a complete removal of Friend Lists. What do you think?