Do Games and Art Mix? CLASH Facebook Game Depends On It

By Kenna McHugh 

San Francisco-based social games publisher commissions emerging artists to create limited edition cards for CLASH: Rise of Heroes.

Making Fun, a mobile and online social games publishing company and division of News Corporation Digital Media Group, has partnered with Qunify Games and emerging comic book illustrators to launch a massive update to CLASH: Rise of Heroes.

The game is now available today to play for free on Facebook. The digital collectible card game features a completely revised user interface, exciting new content additions, and the introduction of limited edition “Artist Series” cards. CLASH: Rise of Heroes differs from most other online CCG’s in that players are able to battle one another in real-time.

The first set of Artist Series cards was created by Hanzo Steinbach, who has recently been featured as a hot emerging illustrator in game and comic publications. Influenced by the Anime and video games he grew up with in the 1980’s, Steinbach’s self-taught, free-spirited style gives his illustrations a unique look that perfectly complements CLASH: Rise of Heroes features. These one-of-a kind cards bring a whole new level of artistry to the game and will only be featured for a short time.

“CLASH players tend to bring a really high level of skill and strategy to the game,” says Qunify co-founder Josh Quick. “We think current players will be pleased with many of the new features we’ve developed, and we believe Hanzo’s awesome artwork on these limited edition cards will be enjoyed by our seasoned veterans as well as comic book fans and newcomers who are just starting to explore the various superhero cards that are available.”