Digg Will Build RSS Reader

By Cameron Scott 

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The Digg dude, back at work

Digg said today it will build an RSS reader, seizing on the opportunity presented by Google’s announcement yesterday that it will shut down its Reader.

“We’ve heard people say that RSS is a thing of the past, and perhaps in its current incarnation it is, but as daily (hourly) users of Google Reader, we’re convinced that it’s a product worth saving. So we’re going to give it our best shot,” wrote CEO Andrew McLaughlin on the company’s blog.

Digg had planned to build a reader in 2013, he said, but will will move “the project to the top of our priority list.” The reader will attempt to make “the Internet a more approachable and digestible place,” McLaughlin wrote.

Digg was purchased at bargain basement prices by Betaworks last summer. It has since been rebuilt but has struggled to regain some of the influence it once had.

Digg’s social news site will continue to operate, the company said.