Digg Reader Will Launch Just Before Google Reader Shuts Down

By Devon Glenn 

Digg will open its new RSS platform, Digg Reader, just weeks ahead of Google Reader’s expiration date, the company announced today. Beta testers will see the first version of the tool starting next week; everyone else will have access on June 26.

Based on early feedback from power users, Digg will release a basic version of Reader that can import feeds and folders from Google Reader and will also include tools for subscribing to news feeds and sharing, saving, and organizing posts and other media. In the 60 days following the launch, the team will build new tools for filtering reading lists based on the users’ networks and personal tastes and will integrate the platform with third-party services including Buffer, Evernote, and IFTTT. Other features, such as search and notification tools, will be rolled out incrementally.

“While you’re at the beach and doing foliage cruises (or whatever people do in October), we’ll be spending the summer and fall building out a richer feature set, drawing heavily on users’ feedback, ideas, and requests,” the Digg team wrote in a blog post. “But first, we want to get the basics right, starting with a clean and uncluttered design and a powerful backend infrastructure than can operate well at scale.”