Digg Newswire Aimed at the Content Curator in You

By David Cohen Comment

Digg is reaching out to the wanna-be content curators among its user base with its beta rollout of Digg Newswire, which allows them to help shape which stories are featured on Digg.

Digg Newswire displays submitted stories in real-time, unlike its Top News section, which is updated every 10 minutes. Users can then Digg stories to help push them up the trending rank.

Content on Digg Newswire is sorted by trending (most popular), recent (order of submission), topic, media type (text, images, video), minimum Diggs, or maximum Diggs.

More from a post on the Digg Blog:

While the Newswire story lists are updated in real-time, it also has a real-time Activity Feed that shows what other Diggers are doing in the Newswire. When you are inside the Newswire, your Diggs and your buries will show up in that module. There is also a full-page version of the Newswire Activity Feed, which is a great list of stories Diggers are discovering.

If you Digg or bury on other parts of Digg (be it Top News, a story’s comments page, or My News), they will not show up in the Newswire Activity Feed. Your actions outside of the Newswire will still impact Newswire Trending, but activity within the Newswire is given a much higher weight: With transparency comes influence.

We’ve worked hard on the Newswire, and hope you love it. Over the coming weeks and months, the core ideas (rewarding transparency, showing real-time content and activity, increasing visibility of how actions impact story ranking) will be spreading across the rest of Digg.