Facebook News Feed Ads Start Appearing In Threes

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is constantly tweaking the way users see ads in the news feed, in an effort to figure out the most efficient, yet least obstructive way to show advertisements. Sister site Inside Facebook reported Monday that the social network is rolling out news feed ads for the desktop that are stacked in threes.

Here’s the format for desktop, which is reminiscent of what the site has done for mobile, as well — courtesy of Inside Facebook:

Although it’s not technically an ad, Inside Facebook also noted that the factor of three came into play with new “games your friends are playing” display, which started appearing over the weekend. It’s something that Facebook is testing, but it’s not a sponsored story or ad unit of any kind.

A Facebook spokesperson discussed this module:

This story is part of a test we are running to help people discover games. Sponsored stories are not eligible for this story. In order to be included in this story, all apps are required to be in the app center and have app center screenshots to appear in the feed story.

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