Facebook Friends Annoying You? Sentence Them To Defriendtion

By David Cohen 

While there will likely never be a Facebook dislike button due to the prominent presence of the like button in marketing efforts throughout cyberspace, new Facebook application Defriendtion provides a robust alternative.

Defriendtion allows Facebook users who object to actions on the social network by their friends to respond by filling out evidence sheets detailing the offenses, and putting those friends in Defriendtion for a certain time period.

The act of Defriendtion is displayed on the walls and timelines of the offending users, as well as the news feeds and tickers of the reporting users. Actions can also be shared via Twitter.

Defriendtion said in the press release introducing the app:

Whether a silly or inappropriate picture, a tweet, or a status update, everyone has friends or is associated with an entity who does questionable things both online and in-person — the “culinary snapper,” the “needless quoter,” the “unnecessary hash tagger,” etc. The only way to previously express disdain for these actions, however, was by writing something in the comment section of a post, or by retweeting with commentary.

Now, with Defriendtion, users can voice their disapproval of these activities in an organized way by filling out a simple evidence sheet, which allows them to insert links, quotes, words, and photos. It’s perfect for showing just how much a user is irritated by placing them in “Defriendtion” for a certain number of hours.

When a friend is placed in Defriendtion, the act is shown on their wall and timeline, as well as the news feed and ticker of both parties involved — for all of their friends to see (based on their Facebook privacy settings). Users can also connect Defriendtion to their Twitter accounts, and with just one click, the user’s “call out” will be seen by all of their Twitter followers, easily spreading news of the infraction.

Creator and CEO Chris Heller added:

For everyone who wants to be able to call out their friends for their annoying and sometimes questionable activities, Defriendtion is the perfect way to let that person and all your friends know about it.

Readers: Are you about to sentence some of your Facebook friends to Defriendtion?