Move Over Movember, Decembeard Is Here!

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Back in November, aka Movember, men around the world grew moustaches to show support and raise money for prostate cancer research. This month a whole new set of facial hair is in town, as Sydney, Australia-based retail advertising firm IdeaWorks launches their holiday Decembeard campaign. Decembeard lets you grow an instant Santa beard, and raise money for charity while you’re at it, through a cool, augmented reality app.

The Decembeard campaign was announced today on DigitalBuzz Blog, along with the following video:

So how does it work? Basically, you head to the Decembeard website and click on ‘Get your Decembeard’ to get started. Then you can either upload a picture and beard it up, or download and print out a beardy marker to create your augmented reality beard live on your web cam.

This campaign is awesome, if you ask me. Why? For starters because it’s awesome to put a Santa beard on your face for the holidays. But even more than that, it’s awesome because it’s for charity. When you get bearded up you have the opportunity to choose from three charities – Dymocks Childrens Charities, Sydney Children’s Hospital, or the Australian Wildlife Reserve – and IdeaWorks will give $5 to the charity of your choice (I’m guessing Australian dollars). 329 people have bearded up so far, so that’s $1550, and I’m betting that thousands more will follow.

I don’t see any reason we all shouldn’t beard up this holiday season. After all, it’s free, it’s fun, and when you do it $5 goes to charity. I even bearded up my dog! So are you gonna beard up, or what?