Facebook CMO David Fischer Is Thinking Global

By David Cohen 

Facebook Chief Marketing Officer David Fischer is thinking global, saying at K8: Kenshoo Global Client Summit in Sausalito, Calif., Monday that as the social network’s user base increases in countries, ad revenue growth is rising in tandem.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported that Fischer highlighted Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, and Dubai as rapid growth markets, adding:

It’s incredibly exciting just to look around the world and see the growth that we’re having. The U.S. is obviously the largest market and the most powerful market for us, but as we go around the world, we see places like Brazil, which has just exploded in the past couple of years. And now, the U.K. number of daily active users is second after the U.S. It was nowhere a few years ago.

According to Fischer, the engagement rates in those markets is high, as well, meaning that not only is the social network’s user base growing, but those users are active.

He added that the most prominent anti-Facebook bias the social network must overcome when it comes to striking ad deals is the idea that it is simply a home for cat photos and other frivolous things, saying that advertisers are beginning to learn what Facebook can offer when compared with search-engine giants Google and Yahoo. Fischer said:

A lot of people think of us as, “Oh, it’s just a place where a lot of people post photos of their kids and cat videos and things like that.” And then they’re missing the fact that we have a larger audience than anyone else, we have more engagement than anyone else, and people are spending more time. And with targeting, the opportunity is there to come and invest and generate healthy return and actually generate sales … I still think that if you ask people, if you were to have an honest poll right now, my guess is that people would say, “Search does that, Facebook doesn’t really do that.” From our perspective, that’s a big opportunity.

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Photo courtesy of Justin Lafferty, Inside Facebook.