Facebook Check-Ins Power Game Play Of App Promoting Upcoming Video-Game Release

By David Cohen 

Facebook check-ins are the basis of game play in Darksiders II: Soul Harvest, a new iOS application from game developer THQ aimed at helping to promote the Aug. 14 release of Darksiders II for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

Darksiders II: Soul Harvest allows players in North America to “harvest the souls” of friends who check in via Facebook at nearby locations, with the chance to win daily prizes related to the upcoming video-game release, as well as a “Trip to the End of the World.”

Players can collect tokens during game play and unlock bonuses such as in-game weapons, the first issue of the Darksiders digital comic, mobile backgrounds, and access to trailers and other footage from the game.

Best Buy is a partner in the release of the app, and players will receive score bonuses for “reaping souls” who have checked in at Best Buy outlets.

THQ Vice President of Global Brand Marketing Jim Huntley said:

The Soul Harvest app is a great way for Darksiders fans to connect with the game’s fiction and interact with each other. The app offers some awesome rewards for fans as they reap their way through the last few weeks before Darksiders II launches.

Readers: How have you seen other game developers use Facebook to promote upcoming releases?