Track Facebook Pages With Dachis Group’s Campaign Performance Monitor

By Justin Lafferty 

It seems like pretty much every Facebook page administrator is looking for a way to track how well they’re doing. Dachis Group, a New York-based social software and solutions firm, launched on Wednesday its Campaign Performance Monitor, giving Facebook marketers another valuable tool. The new software taps into a treasure trove of data to not only track pages’ performance, but help administrators figure out what fans and followers really respond to.

The company announced the launch Wednesday in an e-mail to AllFacebook. Campaign Performance Monitor can identify relevant content, using calendars, hashtags on Twitter, links and keywords, and then as time goes on, learns which phrases and words are most relevant to a social media campaign. It also provides a real-time view of the campaign’s performance, giving administrators a thorough diagnostic picture to see what’s working.

The new software also helps administrators track and benchmark multiple campaigns across social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Dachis Group’s Campaign Performance Monitor also provides reports to share as slides, showcasing the social media campaign’s contribution to brand awareness, love, mindshare and advocacy.

Jeff Dachis, CEO and Founder of Dachis Group, talked about his company’s newest product in a press release:

Aside from the dead simple set up, unlimited multiple simultaneous campaign tracking capabilities, and real-time social campaign dashboards. Anyone wanting to generate gorgeous, ready-to-use, and up to the minute reports and presentations on the performance of your brand’s social marketing campaigns, can do so with Campaign Performance Monitor in just one click.

Want to give it a try? Dachis Group is offering a tour of the new software.

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