Dachis Group’s Employee Insight Measures Facebook, Other Social Efforts By Employees

By David Cohen 

In what almost seems like a version of Klout for employees of a brand, with a host of other robust features, social software provider Dachis Group rolled out Employee Insight, a software-as-a-service application that measures the social media contributions of employees.

Employee Insight, aimed at tapping into one of brands’ most valuable resources – employees — also enables management of employee advocacy programs.

The app monitors and measures daily interactions between 30,000 brands and 100 million social accounts to identify brands’ most engaged employees and provide the management tools necessary to mobilize them. Features of Employee Insight include:

  • Employee Profile, which showcases each employee’s brand-related social activity, including posts, followers, sentiment, and echoed signals.
  • Employee Message Center, which helps brands mobilize their teams by featuring news, sharing best practices, and sending invites.
  • Employee Leaderboard, which identifies and ranks top employee accounts, tracking signals, audience, conversation, and strength.
  • Employee Portal, which mobilizes employee social efforts with best practices, social policies, program updates, invitations, and leader boards to accelerate participation.

Dachis Group Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Dachis said:

Engagement at scale requires the identification and activation of all of a brand’s most passionate advocates. For many brands, especially in service-oriented businesses, their employees are the front line, first point of contact, and the absolute most important interaction with customers. With the launch of Employee Insight, brand marketers can finally tap into and measure the effects of one of the most powerful tools in their social marketing arsenal; employee advocates.

Executive Vice President of Product and Chief Technology Officer Erik Huddleston added:

Successful employee advocacy programs have thousands to tens of thousands of participants. Employee Insight provides the analytic and management tools to scale authentic engagement.