Cute: Foursquare Shows Off Baby Pictures of its User Interface

By Devon Glenn 

In tribute to the Foursquare check-ins of yore, the company has released some killer screenshots of the first-ever prototype of its mobile app from four years ago, complete with old-timey badges.

Here’s what the app looked like in 2008:

We’re loving the Olympics-style medals. Eating a meal in midtown is easily as difficult and expensive as competing in an international sporting event with the world’s best athletes. Great job, example user!

Here’s what the iOS app looks like today. (We have learned from Foursquare’s Twitter feed that “the ‘Bandwagoner’ badge didn’t survive.”)

Talisa here is checking “fancy sake-ccino consumption” off her to-do list at Oro Bakery and Bar. Not only are the badges in this version of the app more varied and colorful, there are also recommendations, photos, and deals from merchants to look at while you check in.

Foursquare’s app got a major redesign in June, ushering in a new era of discovery and recommendations for a service that once turned hanging out at local businesses into a game.

The company has been rolling out more sophisticated upgrades ever since, most recently with the introduction of a new ratings system and an integration with the reservation service Open Table.

But one Foursquare reader has made an excellent point: