Customize The Banner Image For Your Facebook Group

By Guest Comment

Group administrators can customize the new banner image with a bit of creativity.

In general, we liked the idea that a group page should display the faces of its most active members. Groups should be used for face-to-face collaboration between groups of people. That’s why Facebook is calling them groups.

It has since come to our attention though, that group administrators can replace this photostream of the most active users by hovering over the masthead and clicking on the icon in the top right. This will allow the admin to upload a unique banner, much like a timeline’s cover photo.

Although we strongly discourage the use of Facebook groups for external marketing and promotion of a brand, we do think that it’s a useful feature to have added as it could boost the group’s enthusiasm and inspire more brand-related creativity. Watch this space as we cover what changes to Facebook’s fan pages will mean to brands, their followers and how to utilize them to improve your return on investment in social media.

Facebook is a marketing tool, but you wouldn’t try unscrewing something with a hammer would you? Use it wisely and effectively.

Guest writer Hector Kolonas is managing director at Ektagon.