Custom Facebook Tab Option: Customizer Enterprise

By David Cohen Comment

Custom tabs continue to undergo a resurgence since the recent change from Facebook Markup Language to iFrames, and GroSocial became the latest player in that game with its release of Customizer Enterprise.

Tabs are applets accessed via little icons in the left hand column of brand pages, beneath the main image. The most popular type of tab is the so-called like-gate, which encourages prospective fans to click like in order to obtain content or a promotion.

Now GroSocial’s Customizer Enterprise competes with the likes of Wildfire, North Social and ShortStack Labs.

GroSocial’s new tab rounds out the vendor’s Customizer platform, allowing brand managers to deploy custom-designed promotional tabs across their Facebook partner networks.

Partner companies on the networks can use the tabs to offer goods or services, run contests, offer promotions, make coupons available to potential customers, or add videos — all behind a like-gate, should the manager choose to erect one.

Managers can determine which components of their tabs can be modified by partners, helping them to ensure brand integrity. Engagement statistics will also be available to them.

GroSocial’s Customizer suite permits brand managers to add dynamic forms to their Facebook pages, including basic form fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, MailChimp, and AWeber.

GroSocial Chief Executive Officer Zach Mangum said:

We designed Customizer Enterprise to give large companies and brands the ability to launch a social media campaign without having to worry about some of the risks of inconsistency or inexperience normally associated with turning their brand over to the masses. This enables businesses to quickly and easily feature their products and services across hundreds or even thousands of unique Facebook fan pages that are independently managed by their distributors and other retail partners — all the way down to mom-and-pop shops that can’t afford expensive campaigns.

Readers, how often are you drawn to the content behind custom tabs on Facebook brand pages?