Chinese Company Sues Facebook, Claiming It Stole Timeline Idea

By Justin Lafferty 

Many Facebook users are still angry with the site for implementing timeline. They’re not alone. According to TechRadar, a Chinese Pinterest-like site — Cubic Network — has sued Facebook, claiming that the company stole the idea for timeline.

Cubic Network ( claims that it thought of the idea for what Facebook calls timeline Feb. 9, 2008. TechRadar notes that Harvard grad Xiong Wanli started Cubic Network and held a discussion at Stanford University about this feature. According to China Youth Daily, Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was an attendee.

Facebook’s timeline, as TechRadar points out, was launched in 2011. Since that started, Cubic Network has been meeting with American lawyers to figure out its next course of action. Wanli also claims that the logo for Facebook’s F8 developer conference is way too similar to its own, and that Cubic Network’s research and development center was also called F8 before the social network bestowed that name upon the conference.

It has been a busy month for Facebook’s legal team. Earlier this week, a judge rejected Facebook’s settlement in the sponsored stories case.

Readers: Do you think Xiong Wanli has a solid case?