Whooo… Are You? CSI: Crime City Game Lets You Solve Murders On Facebook

By Neil Vidyarthi Comment

Ubisoft and CBS have launched CSI: Crime City, a game for Facebook that is a lot of fun and leverages high production values, interesting stories and a faithfulness to the original CSI. Give it a shot!

CSI: Crime City is an interesting game that works hard to play out just like the television show. You first choose a case, and are then shown a short cutscene showing you a little background about the specific crime (usually murder). After that, you’re sent to the crime scene to investigate the crime by performing various actions, such as dusting for prints, doing blood analysis and more. As you find more and more evidence, you send it back to the crime lab and get results that help you find witnesses and suspects, and eventually you solve the case.


To break it down, this game does two things extremely well. The first is its experience system, which is similar to many existing Facebook games. For each action (searching for evidence, submitting evidence, talking with suspects), you get experience points that allow you to gain levels. As you gain levels, you gain energy and money, which allows you to do more actions. You also gain money for these actions, which lets you buy new equipment to allow you to investigate more complex cases.

The second great thing is that it has fun story based missions, so instead of just farming for some random reason, in CSI you’re trying to solve cases and having fun along the way thinking about the mystery. The game includes characters from the show like Jim Brass, and it takes the experience to a new level when you feel like you’re actually in an episode of CSI. The stories themselves are interesting and actually have twists, so that’s a whole level more enjoyable than static quests about people you don’t care about.

The first thing you’ll notice about the graphics is that the art style is cartoonish but of very high quality. The characters animate smoothly in all of their movements, and the backgrounds and art style are fantastic. It really feels like a high quality production, something akin to a DS game.

The sound is also excellent, and Ubisoft has done a great job of getting the full licenses for the show, so you have the original The Who theme music to rock out to. The themes as you gain levels and travel between areas are great and exciting, and keep this production feeling like something special, which will undoubtedly ensure that people continue to play longer than they were.

We’ll have more on the game as we play through, but for now we strongly recommend playing it!