CrowdStar Goes Core

By Azam Khan 

It’s no longer a mystery: CrowdStar’s entering the midcore market with a strategy game for social gamers on Facebook called Wasteland Empires. The social gaming company’s MAU count fell from 20M at the beginning of the month to 12M in mid October, with Facebook’s changes in how it counts active users accounting for a rough 3M count loss. More after the jump.

CrowdStar is making a leap into the mid core gaming market which is a strong growth demographic on Facebook. The new title, Wasteland Empires, is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which players command hordes of nomads in a fight for survival that requires building villages and battling foes.

“We believe role-playing and strategy games offer a big opportunity in social gaming compared to casual games, which other developers are focusing on,” said Peter Relan, CEO of CrowdStar. “With our games, It Girl and Top Girl, we went into RPG games. Wasteland is the next step in the direction of strategy based social games.”

According to CrowdStar, Wasteland Empires is setting the bar higher when it comes to graphics. Wasteland Empires is reportedly using advanced character interactions to capture the heart of core Facebook gamers as recent studies show that these core players are typically younger males play for long periods of time. There is also use of realtime  animation in this game to create more dynamic play experiences for players.

“We think Wasteland Empires is a true innovation in this genre of gaming,” said Jeffrey Tseng, co-founder of CrowdStar. “The game is the first of its kind to combine realtime combat with ranked and skill-based competition. Wasteland also has an extensive and engaging storyline that will involve gamers on a deeper level.”

Recently Crowdstar also announced Project Trident which involves the porting of Top Girl and It Girl to Asia in partnership with South Korean games portal operator NHN. These announcements come at a time when CrowdStar seems to be losing its players even prior to Facebook changing the way it counts and displays active users.

CrowdStar used to be one of the social gaming giants and has been quite for some time. The course of the company seems to be like that of Rock You’s that is trying to climb the social gaming ranks again as its top title Zoo World fell from 8MMAUs to 2MMAUs since the beginning of October till now, including Facebook’s changes.

The core genre continues to be dominated by KIXEYE, one of the hottest social gaming companies in the world. Kabam