CrowdStar and Facebook Enter into Five-Year Strategic Relationship

By Lauren Dugan Comment

crdstar (Custom)CrowdStar has entered into a five-year relationship with Facebook that sees its games use Facebook Credits as their exclusive in-game currency. There are over 50 million users currently playing CrowdStar’s “Happy Aquarium,” “Zoo Paradise” and other Facebook games, and CrowdStar is hoping that this move will help its expansion into international markets and maintain gamers’ trust in the purchasing of its virtual goods.

CrowdStar has been using Facebook Credits in all of its games since December 2009, and reports that the move to Facebook Credits caused a 50% increase in revenue per customer. This indicates that Facebook users trust Credits enough to buy more of them. CrowdStar will receive 70% of the revenue from Facebook Credits, which is the standard amount for all developers.

In today’s press release, Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of partnerships and platform marketing lauded CrowdStar as a “valued and important partner in the testing and development of Facebook Credits.” He went on to say that “We’re committed to building the best social games platform in the world on Facebook for users and developers, and Facebook Credits is an important part of our strategy.”

This move follows on the tail of last month’s five-year strategic partnership between Zynga and Facebook. Although no details were released at the time, we speculated that this relationship would feature, at its core, Zynga’s use of Facebook Credits as one of, if not the only, currency for its games. Facebook is clearly trying to incentivise game makers to keep their games on Facebook rather than migrating to another platform.