Crowdly 2.0: The Next Step in ‘After-Like Marketing’ for Brands on Facebook

By David Cohen 

CrowdlyRewards650Advocate marketing platform Crowdly, which refers to itself as the “after-like marketing firm,” announced the launch of its Crowdly 2.0 platform, which it said “provides actionable ways for leading brands and their agencies to surface, identify and build relationships with their best fans– driving advocacy, brand loyalty and sales.”

Crowdly said its clients include brands and agencies involved in verticals such as consumer packaged goods, liquor, lifestyle and hospitality, and it added that Crowdly 2.0 builds on its existing advocate marketing platform by allowing brands and agencies to:

  • Tap Crowdly’s patented ranking algorithm to determine who the most influential Facebook users and brand advocates are within brands’ communities.
  • Use its insights and reporting capabilities to target those users.
  • Create and track real-time fan segments, including the use of Facebook’s custom audiences and lookalike audiences.
  • Activate advocates for marketing campaigns or new product launches through gated individual or one-to-many outreach.
  • Run loyalty programs, rewards programs, and membership options for Facebook fans, enabling them to track engagement all the way through to conversions.

Crowdly Founder and President Dan Sullivan said in a release announcing Crowdly 2.0:

Social media continues to change the game for companies, and we are leading the way empowering brands to leverage their most valuable social asset: their true brand advocates. Our traction has skyrocketed over the past year, and we are excited to continue bringing brands into the new world of advocate marketing.

Jayme Brown, manager of digital content and relationship marketing at distillers William Grant & Sons USA, one of Crowdly’s newest clients, added:

So much of the success of our spirits has been due to the word-of-mouth we’ve earned from advocates who love our brands. Bringing that online and connecting with our most engaged fans and influencers is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Crowdly is helping us identify and connect with those true advocates as individuals and cultivate real, long-term relationships to provide them a more meaningful experience, while improving brand loyalty and encouraging increased word-of-mouth influence.

Other new clients for Crowdly include audio-equipment provider Bose and beverage-distribution system SodaStream.