Crowdfunding: the next up-and-coming business tool

By Sonja Hegman Comment

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Creating a successful business is tricky and it’s become even more so in the Internet Age. This is why one media relations pro says businesspeople must reprogram the way they think about marketing, especially social marketing and funding.

Ariel Hyatt, president of NYC-based Cyber PR, saw the influence the internet would have on brands and on bottom lines long before social media was mainstream.

“Social media is a science and must be part of all business plans but it is still deeply misunderstood. It can be confounding and overwhelming,” Hyatt said. “To be impactful, social media needs strategy.”

Hyatt told Hypebot that businesses must think about three main things in 2015:

  1. Mobile should be the first thing a company thinks about when looking at strategy. Everyone is consuming on the go now.
  2. An online platform is a must. One can’t survive without one anymore.
  3. Stories are essential. They connect people. They unite people. If stories aren’t being told online that resonate with audiences, then the message won’t resonate.

Hyatt foresaw the changes social media would bring to business, including her own. She pivoted her traditional public relations firm to become a digital tactical team, and blended the worlds of online and direct-to-consumer marketing, with social media. The newest tool she has added to her arsenal is crowdfunding, which she stresses is the eventual payday for great social media behavior.

“I see crowdfunding as the new advance book publishers and record labels are no longer offering,” she said. “Small business loans from banks are next to impossible to secure for the creative class, and VC money is only for those with huge scalable ideas. Of course, crowdfunding, which must be mastered, can be used for numerous ways in which to subsidize your dream.”