Facebook Commerce Solution CropUp Pops Up In Public Beta

By David Cohen 

The social-commerce marketplace on Facebook and other social networks got a bit more crowded with Tuesday’s announcement that CropUp launched its solution in public beta.

CropUp enables brands to skip the process of setting up storefronts on Facebook and other social networks by highlighting their products or services within the social stream, where they can be purchased directly.

The company said that once merchants register on the site, they simply add names, descriptions, and photos of their products or services, after which each entry is assigned a unique CropUp URL. Merchants can then post their inventories to Facebook and other social networks, by using CropUp’s share buttons, and interested users can purchase their items directly within the social stream, with CropUp providing the sellers with order managing and analytics.

Features new to the public beta version of CropUp include international payment processing and the ability to embed purchase links as buttons on blogs and websites, and the company said it plans to release a digital goods component and an enhanced analytics solution for merchants.

CropUp said that while it was in private beta, it worked with lifestyle brand Holstee to sell its Manifesto poster, resulting in a conversion rate of 12 percent and engagement 60 percent higher than Holstee’s average promotional posts.

CEO Alec Coughlin added:

CropUp is engineered to accommodate real-time social commerce marketing. With the most advanced mobile offering in this space, individual merchants can provide their social audiences with products directly within social applications that would otherwise be lost in a marketplace, and larger brands can test products, provide pop-up experiences, and offer limited quantities to social fans.