CountMeIn Enters Facebook Social Gifting App Fray

By David Cohen 

Another take on Facebook social gifting applications comes by way of Toronto in the form of CountMeIn, which offers a fairly standard list of features for the genre, along with a charitable bent.

Much like other social gifting apps, CountMeIn allows users to search for gift ideas based on the recipients’ likes and interests, also alerting users to birthdays and other events that may prove gift-worthy.

Users can organize, promote, and purchase gifts for themselves or their friends, and they can also invite friends to chip in, shipping the gifts to their respective recipients (U.S. and Canada only) once the full cost is reached by everyone chipping in.

On the user and customer side, CountMeIn boasts the availability of more than 1 million potential gift items in multiple categories, and on the retailer side, the app aids in the creation of Web and mobile storefronts featuring their goods and services.

In lieu of gifts, more than 100,000 charities are listed in the CountMeIn platform, and users can set goals for the charities of their choice and ask friends to donate, with all of those who do so receiving emailed tax receipts.

Readers: Which social gifting apps have you tried?