Cost-per-View Bidding Option Available for Facebook Video Ads

By David Cohen Comment


All advertisers on Facebook now have the option of bidding on video ads on a cost-per-view basis, based on 10-second views.

The social network began testing the new bidding option in June, and its global availability was announced in a Facebook Marketing Partners post.

Facebook said in the Facebook Marketing Partners post that it still recommends reach and frequency buying and oCPM (optimized cost per thousand impressions) bidding based on video views, adding that the CPV bidding option was added “for those that value price certainty for video views or value video views as their primary performance metric.”

The social network added in the post:

For the vast majority of brand marketers, auction optimized for video views, the brand awareness objective and/or buying via reach and frequency are the most optimal bidding options. These options are the best way to predict and control delivery, which we know enhance brand metrics and maximize ROI (return on investment).

We also understand that delivering a brand’s full message is important to our advertisers, as well. For advertisers that prioritize view duration, CPV bidding is likely the right choice for them. Please note that, similar to other auction buys, CPV bidding will not have the predictability and control that a reach and frequency campaign will have.

Advertisers: What are your thoughts on CPV bidding?


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.